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2022-2023, Tourister




Art direction, Identity, Website,
Product design, UX/UI


gotravel.com (soon)

The project is a combination of modern media about tourism with the constructor of independent travel, where unique tours, private guides and non-trivial routes and ideas for every budget and taste are presented, such as a regatta to the world’s most inaccessible island of Bouvet or a research expedition in Antarctica.

The main task was to create a variety of microservices and widgets so that it would be possible to collect a wide variety of content in the form of a magazine, while maintaining advanced monetization, but without overloading the user with advertising materials, placing maximum emphasis on native integrations and minimizing visual noise.


Go Travel

Main page

Go Travel

Responsive. Main page

This is a guide to the impressions of an unusually large world, where you can find exciting adventures for every taste and level.

In this project, I was involved in the development of the architecture of the entire service, the creation and development of scenarios (CJM) and product design of the web service, including UI design and animation of all screens. As well as monitoring the implementation by a third-party development team.

Go Travel

Editorial material

The possibility of flexible layout and a large selection of tools for editors allows you to create a unique design for each material, which increases reader engagement.

Go Travel

Editorial material

Go Travel

Default article. User Content Template

Guidelines for editors were also developed, in particular requirements for the visual part and tone of materials.

Editors and selected authors have access to advanced functionality of components for creating expressive articles.

The site provides not only editorial materials, but also user materials that have a more simplified and universal layout for the convenience of users.

Go Travel

Editorial material and design of special projects involves the use of a complex grid and a variety of customizable templates and components, which allows you to achieve a magazine layout of the material.

Go Travel
Go Travel

Destinations — materials (articles, publications, tips, reviews, etc.) about cities and countries, including routes and interesting attractions, where services are natively integrated, as well as useful information and tips.

Go Travel

Mobile version Directions

Go Travel

In general, more than a hundred layouts of various screens and scenarios were created, including an internal administration system and advanced content editing for editors, which eventually turned out to be a new product, which should be described separately

Next work:
Tourister Experts App

The design of the mobile application of the Tourister Experts who will help you find a guide for excursions or a multi-day tour, as well as many other services, such as an interpreter, around the world.

Tourister Experts app
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