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2023, Tourister




Art-direction, Product Design, UX/UI

Creation of mobile application design, including product design, UX/UI and animation of all screens. As well as monitoring the implementation by the internal development team and developing guidelines for working with content.

The task included creating a service from scratch, and was carried out in stages, starting with testing hypotheses and building user scenarios.

It was done development of architecture, scenarios and product design of a mobile application, including UI design and animation of all screens. As well as monitoring the implementation by a internal development team.

The application is published in the AppStore and Google Play and has an overwhelming number of rave reviews from users.

tourister experts app

Main page. Overview

The project Tourister Experts will help you find a guide for an excursion or a multi-day tour, an interpreter around the world.

The functionality for both the user and the guide and travel companies has been expanded, user scenarios, chat, orders have been improved, an availability calendar and NPS collection have been added to improve feedback and user experience.

The screens of excursions and services have been updated. The favorites section has been added, and the opportunity to share the guide and the service, as well as a general application for the direction for the community (order in free form).

Filters and content sorting have also been updated, for more flexible search, a contextual search system and recommendation suggestions based on previous orders and user requests have been added. Added multi-day tours and routes, with maps and descriptions.

tourister experts app

The guide's services screen. A list of available excursions has been selected

tourister experts app

Navigation inside the application is implemented step by step. First, the search for directions, and then there is a fork — specifying the query by a variety of parameters or top-level by types of recreation.

Font size transformation for long titles is also implemented.

tourister experts app

Direction screens

tourister experts app

Screens inside the destinations, with an editorial selection of interesting vacation options and experiences, including suggestions from private guides. Added a large, but understandable, filter by type of excursions.

tourister experts app

Guided tour screens. There are several types, in particular one-day and multi-day tours, characterized by the presence of a more detailed map with the route and a more extensive description of the tour program with navigation by day.

tourister experts app

Screens for ordering excursions or services. After specifying the dates and clarifying comments, as well as leaving contact (verification) data, the user goes to a personal chat with the guide, where he can already negotiate further actions.

tourister experts app

Guide's profile and availability calendar

tourister experts app

The list of excursions on the screen of the selected guide

tourister experts app


tourister experts app

A Favorites section has been added to the user's profile, where they can postpone their favorite offers, services and collections, including directions

tourister experts app
tourister experts app

In general, design layouts of hundreds of screens and scenarios, components, their states, as well as animations for them were created.

If you are interested in seeing the product "live", you can download the mobile application in the AppStore and Google Play and has an overwhelming number of enthusiastic reviews from users.

Next work:

Development of identity, visual style, website and a variety of presentations, printed layouts, as well as the design of an exhibition stand for a service engaged in the management of residential and non—residential premises from the point of view of infrastructure

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