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Product design, UX/UI, Animations

Design of the mobile application of the online store of professional cosmetics and perfumes — Gold Apple. Development of architecture, scenarios and product design of a mobile application, including UX/UI design and animation of all screens. As well as monitoring the implementation by a third-party development team. The application is published in the AppStore and Google Play and has an overwhelming number of enthusiastic reviews from customers.

The results of the application update were very successful — more than 10 million users and MAU of more than 450 thousand people per day. The total sales volume of the store chain accounts for the mobile application — about 80% and, in general, a 12-fold increase in e-com from 2019 to 2020, since the mobile application was launched.

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Golden apple app home screen

Home screen

Golden apple icon app

Icon app

The first Gold Apple store in the format of a perfume supermarket opened in Yekaterinburg in 2004. Since then, the chain has grown to 25 stores and this year plans to take the second place in terms of turnover among perfumery and cosmetics retailers in Russia. Each store of the company is equal to 15-20 stores of other retailers in terms of efficiency and ranks first in the country in terms of revenue per square meter.

In the fall of 2018, the chain launched its own online store. At the moment, it ranks first in terms of revenue among Russian e-com companies in the beauty industry. In March 2021, the Golden Apple mobile app took first place in the "Purchases" category in the App Store.

Golden apple app navigation

Home screen and navigation

Golden apple app navigation

Navigation and catalog

Golden apple app catalog
Golden apple app search


The structure of the catalog was determined by a ready-made online store, but it was adapted to the mobile platform. Marketing integrations and events have also been added.

Golden apple app
Golden apple app

The size of the headers varies depending on the length of the brand name and product. Also, widgets on the screen have many states and sets, depending on the relationship of products to each other and the specified conditions.

Navigation animations on the home screen

Animations list and product cards

Golden apple app product page

Rules for product page

Golden apple app rules

Rules for Product cards

80% of e-com revenue comes from the application. x12 growth of e-com from 2019 to 2020. 10 million users in the app. MAU 420 thousand users visit the app daily.

You can also read an incredible amount of positive reviews in the AppStore and Google Play, as well as ask real users about their experience of interacting with a mobile application.

Golden apple app product page

Product page

Golden apple app product page

Options for displaying prices, volume types, and product availability

golden apple checkout

Checkout. Taking into account the possibility of using a gift card, the mechanics of full and partial payment of the order with its help were created.

There are also various delivery methods, including both courier delivery and mail and pickup from pick-up points, with search and display them on the map.

golden apple

The status of the order after registration, including the order history. Entry from the profile and push notification.

Golden apple app

Product search by barcode or by label recognition by scanning. Scanning history is also implemented.

In general, design layouts of hundreds of screens and scenarios, components, their states, as well as animations for them were created.

If you are interested in seeing the product "live", you can download the mobile application in the AppStore or Google Play

Next work:

Design of a visual style and website for a big data visualization service

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