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2018—2020, Labar


Identity, Website


Art direction, UI/UX, Development

Branding and developing a website for an architectural bureau from Yekaterinburg, founded in 2011 by architects Andrey Chuikov and Pavel Meukh.

The visual style of the architectural bureau, the brand strategy were developed, and several versions of the website were developed, which developed along with the updating of the bureau's portfolio.

The number of iterations to the final adoption of the design was countless, as the task was to develop the company's marketing strategy and promotion solutions, which turned into a change of concepts during the work on the project.

Additionally, English and Chinese versions of the site have been added.

Digital design, main page

A full—cycle architectural bureau — from the project to the working documentation, including interior design and author's supervision to the complete commissioning of the object.

CNTR Architects site

Digital design, main page

For ease of use, several options for displaying projects have been created, with filtering by type, direction, and applications. Plus the ease of navigation between projects.

Also, for this project, modularity was created in the administration system, where each project can be assembled in a visual designer from simple components, which simplified filling by the staff of the bureau itself without any additional training.

In total, the site already had 3 versions of the design of the main sections, in connection with the updates of the development of the architectural bureau and the addition of the direction of activity. Separately, experimentally, a module with AR mapping of interiors created on Unity3D was added.

CNTR Architects site

Digital design, main page

CNTR Architects site

Project page

CNTR Architects site
CNTR Architects site

Internal services for working with clients and contractors were also created - a file storage with the display of working documentation by stages and dates.

CNTR Architects site

We have also developed and configured our own CMS with simple and convenient content management for this site based on ready-made components and templates, specifically according to the client's wishes.

CNTR Architects site

The visualization of images and photographs of objects were created and provided by the bureau itself. A small guideline has also been developed to create them in uniform formats.

The content and further support of the site are handled by the company's employees or some other people.

Next work:

Design and development of the website of the center for support and development of contemporary art. This is the second version of the site.

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