Avgvst Jewelry design Avgvst Jewelry design

Avgvst Jewelry


2016, Avgvst




Art-direction, UI/UX


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Website design development for a young and daring jewelry brand from Yekaterinburg, founded by Natalia Bryantseva. The task was to create a  convenient online store, as well as display jewelry collections in a fresh form and taking into account the features of the interfaces of e-com projects.

A lot of visual concepts and prototypes were created, as the client simultaneously learned how to work with digital products. By creating a simple and maximally functional catalog of the store, it was possible to greatly increase sales through the site, which is the best indicator of the effectiveness of the redesign.

Overview. Main page

Avgvst by Natalia Bryantseva — a young jewelry designer from Yekaterinburg. Natalia calls her products — Newelry, as opposed to the traditional Fine Jewelry, which are worn on special occasions.

Avgvst Jewelry design
Avgvst Jewelry
Avgvst Jewelry
Avgvst Jewelry
Avgvst Jewelry

Initially, the task was to develop a simple online store. In th process, we have expanded the number of sections, focusing on new collections.

The project was accepted on the first without changes.

The development and content of the site are handled by the company’s employees themselves or other third-party specialists.

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