Hermitage Academy Hermitage Academy

Hermitage Academy


2018, Nimax


Website, Concept


Art-direction, UI design

Website concept and design for the Hermitage Academy, the greatest museum in Russia

The Hermitage Academy is an educational Internet project of the Hermitage aimed at a wide audience of art lovers.

The main task was to develop a visual concept and UI elements based on a prototype that was developed in the Nimax studio and approved with the client. In the course of work, some solutions were changed to more suitable in terms of meanings and after passing the tests.

Hermitage Academy

Main page. Second screen

Hermitage Academy
Hermitage Academy

Main page. Full size

The encyclopedic museum collection provides an opportunity to present the history of world culture from antiquity to modernity. We propose to explore it in two ways — by studying large topics or individual materials.

In total, several visual concepts were created, some solutions of which were also used on the website that was implemented. Other options

Hermitage Academy

Other variant


Creative Idea

Design Concept

Client Team

Anna Koroleva

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