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Domru Movix Voice. The website of a smart set-top box with a voice assistant


2020, Domru


Website, Development


Art-direction, Web design


movix-voice [ archived ]

Design and development of the website of Domru’s new product, the smart Movix Pro Voice set-top box, which can be controlled by voice. It was important to highlight the main functionality — the management of the online cinema and Youtube.

There was also a task to develop a website with optimization of video display and a variety of graphics.

Domru Movix Voice

Main page

Domru Movix Voice

Main page. Overview.

Domru Movix Voice
Domru Movix Voice
Domru Movix Voice

Product overview.

The site showed excellent conversion within the advertising campaign in 2020, especially during the COVID-19 period. The site is currently archived.

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