avgvst jewelry site design avgvst jewelry site design

Avgvst Jewelry


2018, Avgvst




Web design, UX/UI


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The design of the second version of the website of the jewelry manufacturer Avgvst, which was timed to coincide with the launch of the new collection. And to a greater extent, to scale the business, which required changing and expanding the structure of the site and user scenarios.

The corporate identity of the brand was also updated, which significantly changed the visual style of the site. The jewelry list, list filtering and product card have been updated. And also, taking into account the appearance of the loyalty program, the process of ordering goods has been greatly changed. Collection galleries and separate pages for collections have been added.

avgvst jewelry site design
avgvst jewelry

Main page

avgvst jewelry

Main page

avgvst jewelry

Product list

avgvst jewelry

Product page

               Avgvst by Natalia Bryantseva — a young jewelry designer from Yekaterinburg. Natalia calls her products — Newelry, as opposed to the traditional Fine Jewelry, which are worn on special occasions.

avgvst jewelry
avgvst jewelry
avgvst jewelry

Digital design, responsive

In 2016, the brand became known as Avgvst and began to grow rapidly, which required a lot of attention to the means of communication. Testing of various visual solutions on the site has also begun.

The update of the online store allowed us to expand the geography of product sales and greatly increase both in revenue and profit for the company.

The development and content of the site are handled by the company's employees themselves or other third-party specialists.

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