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2018, Anisoprint


Art-direction, Web Design, Development

Website design and development for a startup that creates tools, software and consumables for additive 3D printing technologies.

The site was created in several stages, and is constantly being updated.

Continuous fiber 3D printing for industrial-grade parts. Stronger, lighter and cheaper than metal. Available in desktop format

In the 21st century we find ourselves in a quest for new superior materials to step up to the next level of production technologies.We want to make cars, drones, aircrafts, and spaceships both more strong and lightweight. Metal components with properties, complying with emerging challenges, are too heavy. Plastic elements are light, but not robust enough to be used in critical parts.


Сomposer is a device which allows you to enter new era of anisoprinted materials


The solution is based on patent pending Composite Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technology. Different thermoplastic polymers can be reinforced with continuous fibres, consolidated and cured within a single-stage fully automated process that does not require post processing or tooling. The two-matrix (thermoset+thermoplastic) approach ensures low porosity, good adhesion of fiber to polymer, superior mechanical properties.

Next work:

Together with the Funky agency, the task was to make a website for the manufacturer of decorative cosmetics Elian. Where authentic motives and clear presentation of emotions and tone of messages were used.

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